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KillerS Bodyguard Imdb

Kai Rabe gegen die Vatikankiller Poster Cast overview, first billed only: ever-​drunk teen-idol Kai Rabe rents two Israelian bodyguards who shoot just a little. Killer's Bodyguard ein Film von Patrick Hughes (II) mit Ryan Reynolds, Samuel den berühmt-berüchtigten Auftragskiller Darius Kincaid (Samuel L. Jackson) zu. November im ZDF unter dem Titel Der Killer & sein Bodyguard statt. Inhaltsverzeichnis. 1 Handlung; 2 Produktion.

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November im ZDF unter dem Titel Der Killer & sein Bodyguard statt. Inhaltsverzeichnis. 1 Handlung; 2 Produktion. Bodyguard 1 (as Mello Bündgen) The victims of this last job try to convince the killer to let them live, by singing to/with him about the reasons why. Written by. Directed by Mick Jackson. With Kevin Costner, Whitney Houston, Gary Kemp, Bill Cobbs. A former Secret Service agent takes on the job of bodyguard to an R&B. Credited cast: Anastasiya Kalmanovich. Igor Pronin Killer Boss. Evgeniy Tkachuk Stepa. Oleg Vereshchagin BODYGUARD. Maksim Vitorgan. Kai Rabe gegen die Vatikankiller Poster Cast overview, first billed only: ever-​drunk teen-idol Kai Rabe rents two Israelian bodyguards who shoot just a little. Bodyguard #2 / Phillip Faber. - Die Wunderlampe () Bodyguard #2 (​uncredited). - Krieg der Sterne (). Killer-Rap () DJ Hannibal. Der. Werner Wittek is known for his work on Perfume: The Story of a Murderer (), Perfume: The Story of a Murderer (bodyguard: Dustin Hoffman, Munich).

KillerS Bodyguard Imdb

Directed by Mick Jackson. With Kevin Costner, Whitney Houston, Gary Kemp, Bill Cobbs. A former Secret Service agent takes on the job of bodyguard to an R&B. November im ZDF unter dem Titel Der Killer & sein Bodyguard statt. Inhaltsverzeichnis. 1 Handlung; 2 Produktion. Bodyguard #2 / Phillip Faber. - Die Wunderlampe () Bodyguard #2 (​uncredited). - Krieg der Sterne (). Killer-Rap () DJ Hannibal. Der.

KillerS Bodyguard Imdb The Hitman's Bodyguard

Nina Kirsten Rusche Verleiher Fox Deutschland. Am Hafen angekommen stellt Kincaid seinem gegenüber der Fröhlichkeit verständnislosen Beschützer eine, wie er meint, philosophische Frage: Wer von ihnen sei denn nun der Böse? Full Cast and Crew. Neu ab 7. You must be Saladin registered user to use the IMDb rating Beauty And The Beast 2019 Besetzung. Edit Did You Know? Kommentar speichern. Salomon Ercan Durmaz

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Bodyguard - Official Trailer [HD] - Netflix Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Jackson wurde gelobt; [10] deren witzig-absurde verbale Schlagabtausche Spiderman Homecoming Streaming zu weiten Teilen den Film, während die Rahmenhandlung über Genreklischees nicht herausrage. User Reviews. Verleiher Fox Deutschland. Gary Oldman. Schneemann Olaf Year In Movies Director: Patrick Hughes. Lionsgate production consultant Kriss TheDish Ted Online Travel back in time to check out the early roles of some of Hollywood's heavy hitters. Hospital patient uncredited 1 episode, Alex Brock Ivan Nadia Konakchieva Jackson Simeon Spasov Trailers and Videos. SO15 Officer 3 episodes, KillerS Bodyguard Imdb

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The Hitman's Bodyguard Red Band Trailer #1 (2017) Ryan Reynolds, Samuel L. Jackson Action Movie HD Cast overview, first billed only: Bodyguard. Marc Steidle Bodyguard Marc is a professional killer without any scruples while Fred is a sadistic serial killer. Im Actionthriller Killer's Bodyguard muss Ryan Reynolds seinen langjährigen Feind, Auftragskiller Samuel L. neuen Klienten zugeteilt und kann es kaum fassen: Es ist ein Killer (Samuel L. Jackson), der bisher immer sein Cast & Crew. Killer's Bodyguard ein Film von Patrick Hughes (II) mit Ryan Reynolds, Samuel den berühmt-berüchtigten Auftragskiller Darius Kincaid (Samuel L. Jackson) zu. Add the first question. Country: Latvia. Choose an adventure below and discover your next favorite movie or TV Netflix App �Ffnet Nicht. Die letzten Meter zur Fähre legen die beiden Profis als Anhalter in einem Kleinbus voller Nonnen zurück, die mit Kincaid fröhlich singen und klatschen. Die Anklagepunkte kann er durch in einer Cloud gespeicherte Bilder belegen, die Dukhovich und seine Männer bei der Hinrichtung unschuldiger Menschen zeigen. Als Bryce 100 Dinge Stream im Inneren des Kirchturms wiederfindet und zur Rede stellt, wie er nur so unvorsichtig sein könne, antwortet dieser, dass Bryce mit seiner fast schon manischen Vorsicht allen auf die Nerven gehe. You must be a registered user to use Robert Geiss Vermögen IMDb rating plugin. Die Premiere im deutschen Fernsehen fand am

It turns out that his murdered superior investigated the death of a meat inspector at one of the plants owned by his employer What remains of the movie is directed with pace and even some style by Richard Fleischer The Narrow Margin, Armored Car Robbery, The Boston Strangler; he showed a lot of sass in his early days, before he ossified into a hack.

But what we lack compromises what we have. A fuller version would probably make, as has been remarked, for a more grisly final confrontation, a la Upton Sinclair's The Jungle, in the meat-processing plant; in the print in common circulation, it abruptly fizzles out.

Certainly, that's the lack most keenly felt. Somewhere out there, a few links of blood sausage are missing. BrianDanaCamp 30 May Great use of Los Angeles locations and street life.

Rather than repeat what others have said here, I'd rather emphasize a couple of things that truly distinguish this film. For one thing, it was filmed largely on location at sites all over Los Angeles.

Ex-policeman Mike Carter Lawrence Tierney , trying to clear himself of a false murder charge, moves around L. If you like seeing film footage of L.

Also, I'd like to single out a very clever scene that offers an ingenious method of secretly transmitting key information from one location to another in the era before fax machines, cell phones, or e-mail.

Carter needs the contents of a case file kept by the police officer whose murder he's been framed for. Only his girlfriend, Doris Priscilla Lane , who works in the department, can find the file for him.

He tells her over the phone to write down all the important cases handled by the officer in the past year and then go to an amusement arcade on 3rd Street, find a "Record Your Own Voice" booth and read all the cases into the microphone onto as many vinyl records 78 rpm as needed, and then to leave the stack of records for him at the cashier's counter under an assumed name.

Carter's plan is to go to the arcade, give the assumed name, enter an available booth and listen to the records until he finds the case he's looking for.

There are wonderful little details of character and street life woven into the scene and just about every scene in the movie.

When Carter first enters the arcade, the brassy blonde at the counter is flirting with two sailors and claims not to know anything about a stack of records for a "Mr.

Only then does the manager come over and defuse the situation and find the package of records for Carter. It's just a brief moment but it not only adds to the suspense, but captures so much of the tenor of the time and place.

The basic plot itself-corrupt industrialist covers up shady business practices via murder and convenient frame-ups-would get recycled ad infinitum on TV cop shows in the s.

But it might have seemed somewhat fresh back in , especially after ALL MY SONS also , based on Arthur Miller's play, raised a similar issue in a drama of a wartime industrialist who sends out defective airplane parts with tragic results.

Tough-talking mug Lawrence Tierney is the hero of this quick and dirty cheapy from He plays a detective who's kicked off the force for being a hot head, and gets a job moonlighting as the bodyguard for an elderly lady Elizabeth Risdon , matriarch and acting manager of a large and successful meat-packing company, whose life is being threatened for unknown reasons.

Of course it's not long before we and Tierney realize that he's been set up to be the fall guy for a crooked plot to swindle the company away from the old lady, and he helps crack the case with the help of his girl Friday Priscilla Lane.

There's nothing especially striking about the writing or visual style, but yet it doesn't feel anonymous either.

There are some clever set pieces to distinguish the film, most notably a scene that takes place in an optometrist's office and that uses some clever lighting and framing.

And Tierney has a cute relationship with Lane, and it's refreshing to see a woman in a film like this take an active role in solving the crime rather than simply be someone the leading man has to rescue.

Robert Altman credited as Robert B. Altman wrote the story for this film at the ripe old age of Far from a must see, but enjoyable if you can find it.

Grade: B-. Quinoa 10 October Id like to think Altman 24 at the time wrote that Mike Carter listening to the Exposition Lady on the Many Records scene himself it slaps, especially the bit where the woman talks to the person listening in , plus that amusing set piece at the eye doctor's office.

Everyone else here is more or less serviceable, but his presence single-handedly makes it compelling; in another world, he couldve been a more hard-boiled Dick Tracy.

I'm not sure if it would be quite as memorable without its star and a few above average twists and one I called halfway through Yeah, I wasn't quick on the draw this time.

A true blue B movie that goes by like reading a crumpled paperback on a commute. Really, much as I kid, the Altman part is a bit of a foot-note, one of four credited writers, and he didn't go back to movies gor another nine years.

BJJManchester 5 September Slick,speedy 'B' thriller with on and off! The plot is inevitably fairly routine,but there are some well-handled scenes,and it remains watchable.

Her performance in her screen bow is OK,like Tierney and the rest of the cast. Bunuel 8 April This Richard Fleischer film, then, would be my third from Tierney's short period of glory.

Actually, the actor is the best thing about the whole movie - whose story, amazingly, was co-written by a very young Robert Altman!

They sure don't make 'em like "Bodyguard" anymore. They sure don't. Containing some really priceless "tough-guy" dialog, "Bodyguard" has no-nonsense actor Lawrence Tierney playing Mike Carter, a real macho-man, L.

When Mike gets bounced off the force for brawling with his superior officer, who is later found dead, he becomes Suspect 1. Scrambling to clear his name, Carter soon finds himself up against a whole big mess of police corruption.

They sure don't make 'em like this anymore. MartinHafer 12 January Warning: Spoilers. This is a relatively short low-budget little sleeper from For the money spent, this is a wonderful film--with good gritty acting and a dandy fast-paced Film Noir script.

Like many Noir films, the actors are generally not top-tier names and faces--and this is a plus, as this both heightens the realism and intensified the experience.

Lawrence Tierney plays a hot-headed cop who would rather beat a confession out of a perpetrator or search a home without a search warrant.

As a result, he's suspended from the force. But, being such a volatile and violent person, he takes this poorly and tries to push his boss' face out the back of his skull--so he's fired.

Later, a stranger approaches him with a huge wad of cash and wants to hire him as a bodyguard. Tierney, though, is a smart guy and smells something fishy--the money is too good and there MUST be a catch!

However, he eventually relents and is pulled into a vicious murder conspiracy and is set-up to take the fall!!

So, in Noir fashion, he needs to avoid the cops AND prove his innocence. All this works so very well, While his girlfriend, Lane, is fine in most of the film, at the end she stupidly goes to the hideout where the murders are hiding and is herself in great danger.

But, aside from that, it's a fine and entertaining example of the genre. This film is not about bodyguards. It is based on a story co-authored by the 23 year-old Robert Altman, his first screen credit.

Dick Fleischer, just getting into his stride, here directs his first noir thriller, which was followed the next year by his brilliant 'The Clay Pigeon'.

This film is not brilliant, but it is good, and would have been better if many minutes had not been cut out of it. Lawrence Tierney no relation to Gene Tierney , who for years was a reliable tough guy, here plays a sympathetic cop who wants to get rough with the bad guys and is thrown off the Force, briefly taking on a bodyguard role though that is just incidental , and becomes enmired in a frame-up and plenty of trouble.

His doting girl friend is played charmingly by Priscilla Lane, in her last film before retiring from the screen at the age of Tierney has a knockabout charm of his own, and grim-faced though he tends to be, can be grimly determined to nail the baddies and not only grimly determined to be wicked, as he was in other movies.

There is a lot of harrowing business in a meat-packing plant, with dangerous saws and hooks on all sides, people getting killed by them, etc.

So the menace is not spared. This is a solid if light-weight B thriller. For what it is,this is a thoroughly enjoyable 40's detective flick.

Mike Carter Tierney ,gets sacked for punching his superior in an office fracas and becomes tempted into protecting a rich,meat packing business woman from some unscrupulous characters Assisting him is Doris Brewster Lane ,his girlfriend who still works in the police station he once frequented,and is able to provide Carter with valuable info from police files now out of his reach.

At a runtime of just over an hour,a movie like this needs to have a cracking pace,and this movie doesn't disappoint. It has all the action,intrigue,humour and suspense you could need,including some great one liners delivered by Tierney,all thanks to Richard Fleischer's direction.

You really cannot go wrong with this one. Reed feels his rich aunt Elizabeth Risdon is in need of protection.

How right he is and she's not the only one. Tierney got bounced off the force recently for excessive force and his immediate superior who did the bouncing was killed.

He's a suspect and Tierney has to protect Risdon and be wary not to be arrested. Risdon is a meat packing plant owner which has made her rich and there's quite a racket going on there.

That also is uncovered by Tierney and girl Friday Priscilla Lane. Best scene in the film is Tierney listening to Priscilla Lane on record drone on about all the cases the recently deceased detective was on.

Quite a laborious and boring task as Tierney's body language shows. Decent programmer without much mystery to it. Here is a film which, to give it the benefit of the doubt, is second-rate in all respects, a film whose budget, however slight, could have been put to better use.

Virtually every twist and turn of the contrived story had been used elsewhere, the characters with whom we would identify are undeveloped and unappealing, and leading man Lawrence Tierney, stoical to a fault, had surely received his training at the George Raft School of Acting.

With so many worthy films never shown on television, it is most unfortunate that a network chose to devote airtime to this one. Movies like this give B-pictures a bad name.

Tough guy Lawrence Tierney portrays a disgruntled and dishonored cop who finds menial work as a bodyguard, and ends up wanted for murder!

Becoming tied in with corruption at wealthy widow Elisabeth Risdon's meat factory, putting up with her abuse and nasty assistants, and fighting other criminal elements in his efforts to clear himself.

Post war cynicism and big business apathy play a large role in getting this complex story off the ground with a psychological darkness that truly reflects the downward turn in society after a war that had briefly united the entire free world.

This tight, short film noir is one of those unique ones that is almost in a class by itself. It's dark even when the lights are on, and really tests the limit of the code with violence, anger and ugliness.

Priscilla Lane exits the sweetness of the four daughters as Tierney's girlfriend who finds herself in danger in her efforts to find the real killer.

This is where the camera takes over, almost becoming a character, showing the intensity of audience emotion, the fear in Lane's eyes as she is closed in, and the evil inside the killer's soul as they target Lane's vulnerable mouse like a ravenous cat.

Matti-Man 2 June At a trim 60 minutes, it packs in more plot than modern movies do in their two-hour running times. I especially enjoyed Lawrence Tierney in an infrequent good guy role - here he's Mike Carter, a cop with a nasty temper who gets himself fired for slugging his commanding officer.

He's then approached to act as a bodyguard for an ageing widow who runs her late husband's meat-packing plant.

Though he's grim-jawed throughout, and doesn't display much sense of humour at all, never mind sardonic wit, the film's noir trappings have lead many to label this a noir picture.

However, lacking a deadly female leading the hero into all kinds of trouble and with no typically gloomy noir ending, I can't put this movie in that pigeonhole.

The heroine is the sunny and all-American Priscilla Lane in her last film. There's not a lot to dislike about this film.

Carter doesn't have much personality, but he doesn't need it to solve the case. The other cops are a bit one dimensional and the family at the centre of the mystery don't have a lot to do.

But it clocks in at 4 seconds under an hour, and its very brevity is more of a plus point than a liability.

Try to catch it if it turns up on TCM. It's a fine object lesson in economic storytelling. MartinTeller 3 January Lawrence Tierney plays a homicide detective who gets kicked off the force for his bad temper.

He lands a bodyguard job, but soon finds himself framed for murder. Noortje Herlaar Livitin Barry Atsma Moreno Ralitsa Vassileva Newscaster Abigail McLoughlin News Reporter Bradley John News Reporter Mariana Vekilska News Reporter Sophia Vassili News Reporter Kirsty Mitchell Harr Samuel L.

Darius Kincaid Tine Joustra Renata Casoria Sam Hazeldine Garrett Joaquim de Almeida Jean Foucher Chris Brazier Garrett's Officer Andy Merchant Coventry Cop Alan McKenna Interpol Agent Salma Hayek Sonia Kincaid Donna Preston Sonia's Cell Mate Nikolay Stanoev Interpol Young Agent Renars Latkovskis Dukhovich Merc Samantha Bolter Coventry Police Officer Simon Feek Police Pilot Milen Kaleichev Merc on Radio Ori Pfeffer Vacklin Alexander Mercury Hacker Merc Michael Jinks Ambush Sniper Justin Pearson Ambush Sniper Russell De Rozario Nun Driver Velimir Velev Preacher Dijarn Campbell Young Kincaid Dawn Sherrer Mourner Derek Morse Mourner Owen Davis Mourner Abbey Hoes Flower Stall Clerk Antoin Cox Amsterdam Bartender Bella Draganova Violin Player Bruno Salgueiro Speedboat Owner Nicolas de Pruyssenaere Dutch Cop Bernd Pietsch Amsterdam Policeman Jeffrey Nunes Merc Passenger Marko Mandic Goran Vladimir Vladimirov Fabio Zlatka Raikova Widow Mounir Margoum Zidane Hristo Petkov Zidane's Soldier Stilyan Mavrov Doctor Ulyana Chan Doctor Dimitar Bakalov Doctor Martin Geraskov Pilot Ilian Emanviov Corporate Pedestrian uncredited Manoj Anand Corporate Pedestrian uncredited Matias Araujo Student uncredited Lan Artis Immigrant uncredited Lee Asquith-Coe SO19 Officer uncredited Daan Aufenacker Pedestrian uncredited Robert-Jan Bartels Pedestrian uncredited Velizar Binev Protester uncredited Joe Bryant Interpol Agent uncredited Steve Carroll Lawyer uncredited Nathanjohn Carter Interpol Guard uncredited Ross Carter Interpol Agent uncredited David Chant Interpol Guard uncredited Tom Dab Policeman uncredited Truus de Boer Cyclist uncredited Michel den Hartog Corporate Pedestrian uncredited Vikki Edwards Lawyer at The Hague uncredited Bruno Enrique Pedestrian uncredited Karl Farrer Barrister uncredited Dino Fazzani Prison Guard uncredited Mark Gooden UN Lawyer uncredited Jason Grangier Interpol Agent uncredited Lee Nicholas Harris CO19 officer uncredited Richard Hills Jr.

Interpol Agent uncredited Ruth Horrocks Dutch Police Officer uncredited Patrick Hughes Interpol Agent uncredited Ty Hurley Policeman uncredited Dimitar Ilkov Agent uncredited Alex Jaep Pedestrian uncredited Judit Jakli Lawyer uncredited Rajesh Kalhan Lawyer uncredited Marat Khairoullin The Russian uncredited Alex Klaus SO19 Officer uncredited Ivan Kostadinov Guard uncredited Nina Kumar Pedestrian uncredited Adam Lazarus Courtroom Journalist uncredited Wendelien Lodder Woman on the Street uncredited Bobby Mahmi Court Room Guard uncredited Miguel Martins Banker uncredited Bharat Mistri Lawyer uncredited Sandeep Mohan Court Room Member uncredited Halima Nagori Defence Stenographer uncredited Jag Patel Corporate Pedestrian uncredited Stephanie Pezolano Defence Lawyer uncredited Richard Price Policeman uncredited Justified Prince Passerby uncredited Deborah Rock Defence Lawyer uncredited Mark Ryder Passerby uncredited Bernardo Santos Prosecution Lawyer uncredited Maurice Sardison Interpol Officer uncredited Madelon Schoenmaker

This film is not about bodyguards. SO15 Officer 2 episodes, Tina Chiang Decent programmer without much mystery to it. Later in the plot, the near perfect sight of the murdered meat inspector is the fact upon which the Mystic River Trailer Deutsch ultimately turns. Get some streaming picks. SCO19 1 episode, Miriam Lucia Technical Specs. Ninja Assassin on the Street uncredited Bobby Mahmi

If you've binged every available episode of the hit Disney Plus series, then we've got three picks to keep you entertained.

Get some streaming picks. A pop singer has been receiving threatening notes, and her manager hires a bodyguard known for his good work.

The bodyguard ruffles the singer's feathers and most of her entourage by tightening security more than they feel is necessary.

The bodyguard is haunted by the fact that he was on Reagan's secret service staff but wasn't there to prevent the attack by Hinckley.

Eventually the bodyguard and the singer start an affair, and she begins to believe his precautions are necessary when the stalker strikes close to home.

And who better to play it than Whitney Houston, a stretch I know. The plot is totally disappointing and bland. Luckily the on-screen romance and chemistry from Houston and Costner, along with a great soundtrack, save this film from being a total bust.

The love story between Costner and Houston becomes the main driving force, preventing the film from running out of ideas.

In the end the romance is what you take away from the film, not the convoluted mystery plot. It's enjoyable in the end and I would recommend it.

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Added to Watchlist. User Ratings. Kincaid wiederum behauptet, Beweise für diverse Massaker vorbringen zu können. Katharina Anita Rrabbiata Writer: Philip Polcar. Genres: Cinemaxx Hamm Programm. KillerS Bodyguard Imdb